Boy Scout Troop 78 - Lincolnshire, IL

Annual Holiday Wreath and Gifts Sale - October 1st - October 28th

Shipping & Returns

Shipping Information


There are no shipping charges because orders are only delivered in the Lincolnshire area.  

NOTE: Orders from this website are NOT shipped outside of the LIncolnshire/Northshore Area.  If you would like an order to be shipped, please contact your Boy Scout to place a MAIL ORDER. Mail orders are not accepted on this website; you must contact your Boy Scout. 

Product will be home delivered by Boy Scout Troop 78 - Lincolnshire, IL.

Delivery begins on Saturday, November 23rd, 2019.  Please allow your Boy Scout one week to deliver the product to your home; all deliveries should be completed by Monday, December2nd, 2019.

If you do not receive your order by Monday, Dec2nd 2019; please contact Mr. Mark Russell, Scout Master, Lincolnshire Troop 78.  His email address is: 


Returns & Exchanges

All orders are final.

There are no returns. 

There are no exchanges.